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they are def overrated but they’re also my fav. like if someone tried to tell me how good yellow submarine or hello, goodbye is, i would question their entire life. but their lesser, underplayed stuff is good. i shit you not.

I’ve heard a good amount of their stuff, my Mom happens to be a really big fan lol. But like I said, a lot of it just doesn’t do anything for me. Like it’s not bad music, I just don’t feel like it’s deserving of all the praise it gets. 

But I’ll also admit, part of my feelings are based on the fact that they’re like the go to band when people do the whole “Today’s music sucks, this was real music” shit. Which I just hate with a passion lol.

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WRONG. You don’t have to like them (I guess???) but they are exactly as rated as they are amazing.

I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for the historical significance/influence of their music nobody would really give a shit. Sure, it was new and ground breaking when they did it (And if we’re being really honest, it wasn’t all that new and ground breaking then either) but that doesn’t make it the best or even good.

So I still say they’re overrated as hell.

but all of their albums sound different, how could you hate all of them?

I don’t hate all of their music. But the vast majority of it does nothing for me. I just feel like they’re severely overrated.

How to be a Reverse Racist

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Dassit we bumpin’ bruh bruh

Shut up and go listen to that boring, overrated ass music.

Whoa whoa whoa, sir!!! No no no, sir!!!

I repeat.


Overrated ass music, son lol.

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Please make people sign this before driving. Worst driving peeve of all.

i have some bad news for you about the original meaning of this post


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Man, fuck The Beatles.